Standard & Restricted Goods

Action Plan Point 5.

Standard & Restricted Goods

You need to check that your goods are standard goods and not on the list of restricted goods which will be subject to any inspections, restrictions or special procedures.

A list of restricted goods can be found on the link below.

If your goods are on this list then please contact us to discuss how we can assist in handling these for you. Please note that freight costs and customs costs will be higher than for standard goods and transit times may be extended.


Confirm that your shipments are Standard Goods and if they are not contact us immediately to discuss how we can arrange the movement for you and the additional costs arising.

Don’t Forget

Our European Customs trained team have an in-depth knowledge of your account and the requirements for your shipments.

For all Brexit related questions and confirmation of how you want us support you from January onwards please use the specific email address