Customs Brokers

Action Plan Point 3.

Customs Brokers

Unless you have an in-house customs team you will need to engage and appoint a customs broker.

For the UK declaration (export or import) Twente Express can act as broker. We will need the UK Exporter/Importer to complete a Direct Representation authority to facilitate this.

For the EU declaration our agent in country can act as broker. Please advise our team on if you would like us to make an introduction and to arrange the necessary paperwork to establish this relationship.

Please note that irrespective of who is paying the charges it is our strong recommendation for the UK party to engage and appoint a UK Broker and the EU party to engage and appoint an EU Broker. This is only not required when using the most extreme Incoterms of EXW or DDP.

To allow Twente Express or our EU Customs partners to act as your representatives you are required to give authority to do so.

To appoint Twente Express, simply print, scan and send back the completed Direct Representation Authority to us here at or ask for an introduction to one of our EU brokers.


For your chosen Customs Broker (which for all UK Declarations can be Twente Express) complete a Direct Representation Authority and ensure your trading partner also takes action.


Don’t Forget

Our European Customs trained team have an in-depth knowledge of your account and the requirements for your shipments.

For all Brexit related questions and confirmation of how you want us support you from January onwards please use the specific email address