Brexit Update – A guide for importers to the UK

With the increasing levels of uncertainty being created by the lack of clarity over Brexit (timings and procedures) we’ve written this article to advise you of our current thinking and next steps.

Guidelines are constantly evolving, with the latest updates being issued on the 4th February detailing what are called “Transitional Simplified Procedures”. These apply to Importers of Goods to the UK from the EU in the event of “No Deal”. HMRC have written to 145,000 businesses advising them of this.

Letter to EU only traders about Transitional Simplified Procedures 04/02/19
PDF 800kb

Given the very wide audience the guidelines are understandably light on detail and very general. We are working with HMRC to understand how we should best interpret and implement these guidelines to incorporate the new procedures just announced and others that may be announced in the coming days and weeks that may impact Exporters of goods from UK to EU.

We will be issuing another update on or around 22nd February which will contain more specific actions that you will need to take to allow us to handle your goods in the most efficient manner in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

If you have any specific questions then please do not hesitate to contact me directly at