3 Crucial Resources to Help Grow Your Export Business

grow your export businessAll businesses should be looking to grow, and exporting is one way that this ambition can be realised. Whether you export already or it’s something that you are actively considering, growing your export business can be a daunting prospect. However, it needn’t be. In many respects, selling overseas is no different than selling to your domestic markets. You should simply see it as expanding your customer base, which means more opportunities to sell your product. Since the advent of the internet and the rapid advances made in communications and technology, the world is a much smaller place and that makes exporting a much easier process.

Perhaps most importantly though are the resources that are now available for people wanting to export their goods abroad. Whether you are an experienced exporter who wants to break into new markets or dipping your toe into export for the first time, the following resources and tips will prove invaluable.


UKTI (UK Trade and Investment) is a government department that works with UK based businesses to help them be successful in international markets. They are perhaps the most useful resource when trying to grow your export business. Companies who took advice from UKTI have on average earned an extra £100k in sales within eighteen months of working with them. You can arrange a face-to-face meeting with a UKTI export advisor free of charge and they can also give you access to their e-Exporting programme which helps companies sell abroad through online channels and the UKTI Gateway to Global Growth programme, which helps more experienced exporters expand into new markets. Other programmes of support include one that offers access to finance and one that helps UK businesses find overseas contracts, tenders and projects.

Trade Fairs

You can be all set up for exporting but without customers; who are you going to export to? Exhibiting, or even just visiting an overseas trade fair can be a great way of meeting customers, but also distributors and agents as well. Networking at these sorts of events is crucial if you want to optimise your margins and ensure you’ve got the most efficient and effective route to market. To find relevant trade fairs, Google is your best friend, but the following website is also very useful and has a fantastic search facility where you can search for relevant tradeshows across the globe.

Local Chamber of Commerce

If you’re not already a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, then you should seriously consider joining. Even if you are a current member, you may not be utilising their excellent services and facilities to the max. As well as running networking events where you can talk to and get invaluable advice from fellow business owners and directors, many run very informative events and training courses that can take you through the export process and ensure that you’ve got all your bases covered. They can provide advice on a wide range of issues such as contracts, export administration, recruitment, market information and legal issues. For the price of a year’s membership, this sort of advice and assistance is invaluable. You can find your local Chamber of Commerce here:

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